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Stainless steel fork, 24k genuine gold plating fork with brushed surface finished, frosted niello plating fork handle, heavy duty dinner fork – 8.5” long handle fork
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The fork was made from superior 304 stainless steel, very solid quality modern style design, very classy and elegant fork, 8.5” length, 7 mm thickness, 2.5 oz net weight, a heavy duty fork, it can be used as a dinner fork and dessert fork, fruit fork, cocktail fork, cake fork, a decent gift the fork head was vacuum plated with 24k real gold, and surface brushed treatment. the handle of the fork was vacuum plated with niello metal, frosted surface finished food-grade vacuum plating technology, safer, more wear-resisting and more durable, and the fork was plated with noble metal and brushed surface treatment, thus don’t worry about the phenomenon of painting peel off in everyday use, and you do not need to polish the dinner fork the long dinner fork was made and designed by . efficient delivery, fast shipping, on-time or early arrival