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Blue-Collar Buddha: Life Changing Lessons Learned on the Journey from Flight Attendant to Cancer Survivor to Entrepreneurial Millionaire
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Paul streitz’s story is your story.
the details may differ but you know his hopes and heartaches as well as you know your own.
in twenty-nine uplifting stories of personal and professional enlightenment, paul shares the hard-earned wisdom he gained from overcoming debilitating childhood insecurities, shocking betrayals at work and at home, and two life-changing bouts with cancer.
ultimately, with integrity, ingenuity, and indomitable will, he created a rich, fulfilling life and a business worth millions.
following each story are self-reflection questions that challenge you to consider similar experiences in your own life, the effect they’ve had on you, and how you can learn from them as paul did.
implicit in these experiences is the promise that life will present you only with obstacles you are capable of overcoming, and that adversity is the gateway to greatness.
with refreshing candor, caring, and insight, paul encourages and inspires you to balance outer success with inner peace and live a life without limits.