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The Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe, and Begin to Live Your Best Life
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Is living the life of your dreams really possible?it's not only possible, but it's quite predictable when you discover the way success works!whether you're 18 or 88, author joan posivy will not only convince you that you are quite capable of living your dream life, she'll share with you a set of very clear and concise steps of how anyone who is eager to stand up, jump forward, and count themselves in can follow.
to where? to living your best life!you'll be inspired and motivated by success stories of young adults from around the world including a break-dancer from australia, a mountain filmmaker from new york, a scottish jam enthusiast, a big-hearted restaurateur, and many more featured in this radical, revolutionary new book."these stories," as jack canfield explains, "totally inspired me and inspired my sons to take it to the next level."you'll be forever empowered by the deepening understanding you gain in knowing you can create an extraordinary life.