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Taking Your Life To The Next Level: 7 Keys To Living The God Kind Of Life
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Midwest book review: this book will prove to be of special interest and value for members of christian communities regardless of denomination affiliation.
in 'taking your life to the next level' jimi offers unique insights that will help readers live a fulfilled life on a daily basis.in order to live the god-kind of life, you must possess divine wisdom, which will lead you to make wise decisions in life.
this book will inspire and motivate you to live with more faith, divine love, peace, hope, and joy.jimi reveals seven simple yet crucial principles that when understood will help you become all that god has formed you to be.
the author uses down-to-earth analogies which help you to easily understand his messages, and supports them with biblical scriptures.
the text contains personal testimonies that will inspire and uplift you.in 'taking your life to the next level' jimi addresses topics such as depending  on god and not on men, opening your spiritual eyes, the power of loving god and men, securing your god-given destiny, and the benefits of always thanking god for the good and bad times.
as you practice jimi's easy-to-understand principles, you will be amazed at how colorful and stress-free your life will become.